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Echoes is a Pink Floyd tribute band comprised of 10 musicians, performing accurate renditions of classic Pink Floyd music.  We perform at theaters and concert halls on the East coast. We love the music of Pink Floyd. I mean really love it.  So when we set out to create a Pink Floyd tribute, it had to be good. Really good. The music deserves it and Pink Floyd fans deserve it. YOU deserve it.

So we set about making a check list: Three uber talented backup singers to do all the great vocals on Wish You Were Here and Dark Side? Check.

A rocking sax player to cover all Dick Parry’s great saxophone parts? Check.

Three guitar players to do all the intricate guitar harmonies on The Wall and Animals? Check.

A killer keyboard player to cop not only the playing of Rick Wright but also the intricate keyboard and synthesizer sounds? Check.

And a solid rhythm section to hold it all together? Check. But we didn’t stop there. We set about recreating all the sound effects and soundscapes so essential to recreating Pink Floyd’s music. Screams, heartbeats, plane crashes and the “secret message” - it’s all there!

Then we hired a lighting designer to add an awesome light show tuned to the music. Next, we brought in a certified laser operator with over twenty years experience to make the light show just that much more... well.... Floydian. But we weren’t done yet. Then we added almost 3 hours of live and animated video content to project on to our custom made, 10 foot round video screen. Whew!  But let’s get back to the music. Light shows and videos are great, but Pink Floyd is first and foremost about music. If the music isn’t performed well, with energy and passion, no amount of lights and lasers will help.

How does Echoes do?  We’ll just let our fans speak for us!